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Q1. When is the recruitment period?

International Students

Fall semester: From January 1 to February 28.

Spring semester: From July 1 to August 31.

Mainland Chinese Students

Each year around January to April. It will be announced on the website .

Overseas Students

Each year around November to December. It will be announced on the website


Q2. How can I apply?

Please refer to and Degree-seeking Student Frequently Asked Questions,c7503-1.php?Lang=en


Q3. How much is the tuition fee?

The tuition fee per semester is NTD 53,760 (one academic year includes 2 semesters).


Q4. How long will it take for graduate?

1-4 years.


Q5. How many credits are required for graduation?

36 credits (including 9 required credits).


Q6. Are all of the courses offered in English?



Q7. Are there any scholarships which I can apply for?

1) Applicants may apply for “NSYSU Financial Aid” when applying for admission. For more details, please visit the website .

(2) Scholarships are offered by various organizations. The Ministry of Education offers the Taiwan Scholarship (website: ), and the International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICEF) offers the Higher Education Scholarship Program (website: ).

(3) Applicants must note the different application deadlines for scholarships offered by different organizations. Please note that the admission and scholarship application procedures are separated, except for scholarship offered by NSYSU. Applicants who are scholarship recipients are NOT guaranteed admission to the university, and applicants who are admitted to the university are NOT guaranteed any scholarship.


Q8. Does the program provide any assistantship?

Our program provides support funds to 10 students per academic year. Each fund recipient will receive NT$4,000 per month. This fund will be paid monthly during a semester (there are four months in a semester). The list of fund recipients will be submitted by the Program to the Director for approval. This support fund will not be awarded to students receiving the Taiwan Scholarship or NSYSU Scholarship for International Students.